Are You Ready To Meet A Mature Man On Your Level?

Sound Familiar?

  • Do You Desire To Be Accepted and Appreciated By Your Own Man!
  • Do You Want To Start Building A Life With Your Man?
  • Do You Feel Being A Wife Is Part of Your Life Purpose?
  • Are You Tired of Being Single?
  • Do You Make Excuses for Not Working On Your Love Life?
  • Are You Getting Too Comfortable Being Single?
  • Are Most of Your Friends Married Or In Long-Term Relationships?
  • Have You Spent Time Healing From Past Hurt & Now Ready For The Next Level?

You Could Attract Your Ideal Guy Tomorrow!

  • Uncover the #1 thing that has kept you from meeting “The One”
  • Be empowered and confident to attract your future husband
  • Experience fun dates & great conversations within 3 weeks
  • Be in love with the right man and build a legacy for yourself and your family
  • Move conversations forward without feeling like your pursuing him
  • Interact with him in a way that makes him want to commit to just you

Client Testimonies

Lisa B.

Lisa B.

I knew that I wanted to be married one day, but it wasn’t top of my mind when I met Marlena. After one conversation, we identified the very thing that I was missing was companionship, but I was too busy to recognize it. In 3- months, I had met my now-husband, and a year later, I am happier than I have been in many years.

Angela A.

Angela A.

“I have always sort of prided myself on being the bullshit spotter. I would tell myself I was open but I realized tonight after the first lesson you taught, I was sabotaging all encounters all along. I can now see how I was trying to avoid disappointment, rejection, and abandonment.”


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Here’s What You’ll Learn


  • Module I: Attract Your Ideal Guy Effortlessly

    Unleash your inner power which is attractive and magnetic to “The Right Man”. Become captivating and influential which makes you stand out in a room full of other women.

    Meet your soul mate effortlessly and experience the joy of not feeling overwhelmed, afraid, or concerned about the future.


  • Module II: Connect Naturally & Activate His Emotional Connection

    Connect with men of high values and standards that are on your level.

    Learn to discern which guys to weed out without feeling disappointed or burned out with dating.

    Have more confidence, clarity, and control over your love life.

    Position yourself to meet an amazing man who will adore you and support you.


  • Module III: Build Lasting Affection That Deepens Over Time

    Get positioned to become a wife worth marrying in the next two years or less.

    Gain a better understanding of men and how they think and behave when they are considering a wife.

  • Live Monthly Group Coaching

    12-Week Virtual Coaching Program

    1- hr once a month live Q&A group calls with on the spot coaching. Delivered via free online video software


  • 12 Modules of In-depth Coaching Content

    Receive over 420 hours of coaching videos leading you through the three major phases: attract, connect, and build to help you manifest your ideal guy.

    Coaching videos delivered weekly via the private membership site.

  • Unlimited Email Access

    As you are out practicing your new dating techniques get your burning questions and concerns answered within 24-48 hours.

    The answers to your questions will be delivered as “pop-up” coaching videos/audios sent to the entire group. (Submitter of question is kept private).

    No more searching Google and YouTube, for dating advice. You will have your own dating coach on call to answer your questions.

  • Fun Challenges

    Receive fun and interactive challenges that builds confidence, removes blocks and reinforce the new dating practices.

    Have fun attracting and interacting with men, men, and more men.

  • Take Energy Assessment To Discover What Level of Energy You Are Vibrating.

    The Energy Assessment is a scientifically based assessment that will help you see the tangible vibes that you are putting out in the world.

    This will be the foundation for you transforming your love life and attracting your person to you effortlessly.


What Are They Saying?


About Marlena Cole

The Love Me Right Coaching Program is designed to help busy professional women attract their ideal quality guy & build healthy relationships quicker sooner and faster.

Within 6-months of the program, 45% of the women get engaged.

In 3-weeks they are having having multiple exciting dates.

They are meeting more mature men who know what they want and are on the same page.

I am excited that you are ready to meet your ideal guy and start your life together.

No need to delay. You can get started today, and who knows you may meet “Your Future Husband” tomorrow!

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