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Trust and Depend On

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Ready for a Loving Partner?

Are you a single woman over 40 who’s ready for a loving partner? You know the kind – someone you can trust, depend on, and relax with after a long day. Someone to share a glass of wine with, talk about your dreams, and build a future together. But here’s the thing: finding that kind of love can feel frustrating and confusing. Maybe you’re wondering where to even meet quality men, let alone build a genuine connection. You’re not alone

Through 1:1 Coaching you'll


feel more whole and ready to recieve love

You’re open to love and trust your decision to get into relationships you feel safe in


attract quaity men effortlessly

You feel more sociable, energetic, happier, and more fulfilled.


Start dating your future husband

You’re no longer feel worn out from doing life by yourself because you now have the support of a man that adores you

Don't settle for another year without a loving partner.

This Can Be you Too.

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Plan To Meet Your Future Husband

Through 1:1 Coaching

I've Been There...

Hi, I am Marlena Cole. I am a Core Energy Life Coach. In 90 days, I went from being stuck in a 10-year cycle of failed relationships to attracting my now husband, a husband who always keeps his word to me.

Now, I show incredible women like you how to use your Energetic Presence to attract real love you can trust and depend on.

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