A month in advance retail stores begins to prep for Valentine’s Day. In that same month, I would wish I had someone to take me on a date for Valentine’s Day. Around this time of the year, I was typically not dating anyone, or he and I were still in the stages of getting to know each other.

It is now a few days from Valentine’s Day. How many of you wished you had a date on Valentines’ Day? How many of you are dating someone but not sure you are all going to link up on Valentine’s Day? Well if that is you I have a challenge for you to do something different this year and, seize the moment and ride the coattails of the energy on Day of Love!

Allow this to be the new day that you are intentional about attracting love so that you have someone special to spend time with at Christmas. Christmas? Christmas is 10 months away! Correct, but it takes time and effort to meet people, build a meaningful connection, resulting in spending time together during the holiday season.

While it might be too late to have Valentine’s date now, I want you to start preparing to meet someone before Christmas and get it kicked off on Valentine’s day! How do you do this? Go out have some fun, have an open mind, and embrace meeting someone on Valentine’s Day. What a great story that will be for you all to tell about how you met your mate!

Here is a list of things you can do on Valentine’s Day and shift the sad and depressed atmosphere vibe about not having a date or being stood up. 🙁


1 Get sweaty with co-workers

Research shows that 23% of people meet at work. Invite single co-workers (Men and Women) out for fun physical activity and have others friends invite their single co-workers as well. This gives you the opportunity to meet new professionals. Some ideas of physical activity could be:

  • Bowling
  • Laser tag
  • Miniature golf
  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Dance lessons

Did you know that physical activity and exerting energy elevates your sexual hormones and attracts others to you?

2 Go where the men are hanging out

Take a group of girlfriends out to a cigar bar or wine tasting. This is where single men are hiding out from the women they are seeing but not committed to and don’t want to confuse the situation by taking them out on Valentine’s Day. When you get there, you MUST mingle and have fun! Show your light-hearted, full of life self!

3  Meet-Up Hoping

There are so many Meet- Up groups that are available for singles on Valentine’s Day. Plan to attend at least three of them just in case you get to a place, and it is not your cup of tea.  Then mix some old school with some new school by doing mid-week “Meet-up Hoping.” (like we use to go from club to club). Get your list together and go mingle and meet some single men!

The point is to get out and allow the energy of the “Day of Love” to revive your dating life. Be proactive in attracting love and don’t wait 2 weeks before a special time of the year to wish you had someone there to share it with!

Now is the time to go and attract that person!


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